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Investigative Services Request Form

Is there an active restraining order or no contact order against you by the subject? If so, it may be illegal for you to conduct an investigation on him or her. If there is an active restraining order or no contact order against you by the subject, we will not honor this request. We will only proceed if you answer, "No" below.

If you provided us with your phone number, do you give us permission to leave messages on your phone's answering service? THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! CHOOSE NO IF YOU BELIEVE THE SUBJECT CAN ACCESS YOUR MESSAGES.

When would you like for us to complete the case?
Are you represented by an attorney?
Which investigative service(s) are you interested in?

If you want us to pick the service(s) for you, what type of investigation(s) are you interested in?

Describe your case as detailed as you can. More information you provide us, better we can help you.
Fill in as much information about the primary subject as possible. More information you can provide now will save us time and save you money.

If the primary subject is a business or an organization, what is the name of the business or organization?
Any known address where the subject has lived, or just city and state if an address is not known; city and state of birth will work too.

Date of Birth
Age range if date of birth is not known
Marital status
Overall description of the primary subject.
Enter the primary subject's social media usernames, Websites, and blogs (DO NOT INCLUDE PASSWORDS).
Does the primary subject have a history of violence?
Does the primary subject have any firearms?
Does the primary subject have a vehicle?
Does the primary subject have a job?
Is the primary subject a student?
Are there any other subjects in the case?
Are there any legal proceeding, divorce actions, injunctions, peace bonds, etc. that effect either you, the client, the primary subject, any other subject, or any one else involved?
Is there anything else you would like to add?
Upload files you think may be helpful for us such as picture or document Files.
When you submit this form, one of our investigators will review it and contact you - normally within 12-24 hours - to discuss your case. We will also provide you with an estimate.
If you approve the estimate for Jae Investigations LLC, we will send you an Agreement. You can sign it electronically, mail it to us, or give it to us in person.
Once you sign the Agreement for Jae Investigations LLC and pay the fee or pay the retainer, we will start your case. The process of starting a case normally takes less than 24 hours.
If you do not approve the estimate, we are happy to adjust it to meet your needs or you can cancel it altogether.
If you have any questions, please call us at (269) 719-0233

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